API Series: Facts

 On this series, we would like to talk about some endpoints that are already available to developers on Codealike.Let’s start with Facts. You can access any user highlights through codealike.com/facts/soke or you can have access to some of that data through our API.How to request a user’s Facts profile via Codealike API?1) You should create a GET request …


[SPANISH] Aplicando Big Data, noSQL y Machine Learning para ayudar a la productividad de los desarrolladores de Software

¿Por qué las interrupciones afectan tanto a los desarrolladores de software?¿Por qué cuesta mantener la concentración al programar en un proyecto con múltiples archivos?Cómo desde Codealike estamos resolviendo esos y otros problemas desde la medición a escala global de la actividad de los desarrolladores de software. [SPANISH ]Codealike en MUG Argentina from Codealike Fuentes.

Now you can see interruptions

We’ve just deployed a new feature for Premium users that will change the way you can detect, see and prevent interruptions.We’ve included the visualization of individual and accumulated interruptions in the Focus Level chart and in the Timeline.That means that now, Premium users, can use the Focus Level chart to learn what time of the day …