The New Big Five Features in Codealike

In this new release of Codealike we are proud to introduce five new features:

  1. Focus Level Metric
  2. Codealike Community Ranking
  3. Quantity of Interruptions
  4. Detailed Colleague Reports
  5. Comparison with Other Codealike users

Even though these new features are only available to Premium subscribers, you can get a sneak peek at them in this post.

1) Focus Level Metric

This metric models your level of concentration while coding and can be used to compare your performance in time. It is calculated with a formula that considers a combination of active and inactive statuses over time. For more details on these metrics, see this post.


2) Codealike Community Ranking

The ranking reveals how your weekly performance compares to the Codealike community. It puts your performance in context. A higher ranking reveals higher personal performance in terms of endurance and concentration. You can read this post if you want to better understand how the Codealike’s Ranking is calculated. Users can access the Top 5 positions in the Ranking and see an approximate value for their own positions, while Premium users have access to the Top 100 and their exact position on the ranking.


3) Quantity of Interruptions

Using the Focus Level Metric, you can understand how your coding sessions are going; how intense your concentration peaks are; and how many interruptions you have. This allows you to understand the impact of multiple interruptions on your performance over the course of the day. You can also use it to show your teammates why it is important for you to work uninterrupted.


4) Detailed Colleague Reports

We believe that in any software development team working structure is more horizontal than vertical. That’s why we allow Premium team members to see one another’s behavior and code usage details. This means that you can now know as much about your colleague’s activity as you do about your own in the context of your team.


5) Compare yourself to other Codealike users

Let’s admit it, we developers love showing-off and we’ve got reasons to do so 🙂 Codealike’s five new features allow Premium users themselves with other Codealike users in terms of a set of Key Performance Indicators to better understand their strengths and weaknesses. Premium users can compare their performance with that of current and former teammates and others in key positions like the weekly focus master (1st place), the middle of the ranking (50th) and the bottom of the ranking (100th). Read this post for further information.


Parental Advisory

Use it carefully, Codealike can be addictive…
Hope you enjoy this new version. We also hope to get feedback and suggestions, as we always do.

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