Press release: Startup aims to reduce wasted time for Microsoft developers

A new product based on new technologies, which is integrated to Visual Studio, will help software developers deal with collaboration issues and interruptions

Achieving a productive collaboration and dealing with interruptions is certainly an issue for knowledge workers. When it comes to software development, some metrics indicate that wasted time by an average developer in collaboration issues reaches near 50%, while some other studies show that more than an hour a day is wasted dealing with interruptions alone.

Codealike is a SaaS solution that brings real‐time collaboration into Visual Studio 2010. That means that Microsoft Developers, which are supposed to be near 2 million, will have better tools when dealing with interruptions and collaboration issues.

Codealike includes features like instant messaging, an integrated searching tool, post and reply Q&A, a timeline that helps understand changes in the source code and, most important, Live collaboration in the source code. This last feature enables multiple developers participate on line in the same piece of code, at the same time.

According to one of Codealike’s founders:

Codealike seizes the Visual Studio context and only with that, developers can find answers to their questions in a way that really fits their needs. As we can also let the developer find other developers with the same interests, we encourage the user to enjoy the likelihood of obtaining qualified help

While the founders expect to hit the market in March with the full service, as from Monday they will be giving a limited amount of pre‐release all‐access passes to early subscribers. Good news includes also Microsoft MVP users, who will get the service for free in its premium version for an unlimited period of time.

Codealike is based on two technologies developed by Corvalius: beWeeVee SDK, which allows .NET developers to integrate live collaboration to any software, and eAuth, a SaaS that enables social sign‐in in Desktop and Web‐ based applications.

Codealike is an Startup accelerated by Wayra, the Latin‐America oriented accelerator founded this year by Telefónica.

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