Reduce interruptions while coding

– Hey, may I interrupt you?

– Don’t worry… you’ve already done that…

Interruptions suck. Programmers know that for sure. That’s why a couple of months ago, we’ve released a bunch of features that might allow you to help your team to acknowledge when you might be interrupted and when it’s not a good idea to bother you.

As you might know, we are able to understand how much you focus while you’re coding. Based on that information, we infer three possible status for your current interruptibility:


We’ll show no mercy and will do anything that we can to show, prevent and finally avoid interruptions. Interruptions are already damaging not only your patience, but your business and industry.

Expect MUCH more from our side regarding this issue.

Ubiquitous flag

Say hello to my little friend…

As you might know, Premium users can enjoy our Focus Level feature. This feature allows quantification and visualization of the levels of concentration and interruptions a developer has across coding sessions. Well… what if we can tell your teammates when you’re on a coding streak so they can know that before interrupting you?

Well… what if we can tell your teammates when you’re on a coding streak so they can know that before interrupting you?

We’ve done that in the form of a status flag that’s visible across all Codealike, you can see that flag on the Ranking view, on the Facts view, everywhere.

But we’ve also created a couple of views that might be particularly useful under different conditions.

May I Interrupt?

Let’s suppose you’ve that very kind and polite teammate that interrupts you constantly and you don’t know how to tell him you’re busy, really focused on saving the world through coding. Even though we’ve a feature that allows you to see and show interruptions, now you can prevent interruptions before they happen.


Pulse Panel

Do you want to quickly see if you can or cannot to interrupt a colleague? No problem, we’ve created a view that you can let visible on your display at the office and see at a glance if a teammate is very focused so you can prevent interruptions.



Each time we display a username and avatar, we also display the Ubiquitous Flag that shows if they can or cannot be interrupted.



Ken Ross, one of our greatly appreciated users, have used our API to sync this interruptibility status to HipChat. You can check this on GitHub.

What else would you do using this data?


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