New Codealike Ranking: Putting your Performance in Context


As a developer, you might know that gamification is a common way to gain engagement. As a developer, you might know that gamification is a common way to gain engagement. With its ranking Codealike tries to keep away from the addictive effects of gaming but still emphasize the usefulness of the community as a source of information to understand our own relative performance.

What is the Users Ranking?

  • It’s a feature that compares your performance with that of the rest of the Codealike community during a certain period of time.

What does it tell me about my work behavior?

  • It puts your performance in context.
  • A higher ranking position reveals stronger personal performance in terms of endurance and concentration. (Which is goooood!!!)

How can I improve my ranking?

  • The key elements to improve your position are to work many days, work for long periods and limit interruptions as much as possible.

How is it defined?

  • The ranking position is based on the integral of the focus curve, among other variables.

How frequently is the ranking updated?

  • The ranking is updated once a week and we wait until every user has crossed their local midnight.
  • We could have built a real-time ranking, but that could become a distraction and collide with one of our goals at Codealike: to help programmers to improve their productivity.
  • Why didn’t we build a daily ranking? Mainly because we are all part of a worldwide community. Timezones, differences in work days, working patterns (for example, during weekends), and other variables could result in misleading information.
  • Similarly, we didn’t decide to go monthly or yearly either, since that would make the ranking too static and would not be of interest to the vast majority of developers.


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