Compare Tool: Know what to Improve to Level-Up your Mark

With this new feature, Codealike tries to give you a tool to inspect your performance against specific users, including yourself.

In order to improve your coding performance you can start using the Ranking of Users to find out where you stand in the context of the Codealike Community.

Once you know your relative level, you could be interested in knowing how to improve it, and to check how was your evolution after you modified some of your working patterns.

Using a set of Key Performance Indicators, the Compare tool tries to help you going towards that direction. It shows you what are the points you have to improve to level-up your mark compared to key users, and it also let you know your evolution by inspecting your score at different points of time.

What’s the Compare Tool?

  • It’s a feature which compares coders’ profiles side by side.
  • You can compare your metrics against each of your teammates, or the users among the first 100 places on the Codealike Ranking.
  • It can also be applied to compare your metrics during two different periods of time.

What it tells me about my working behavior?

  • It shows you which aspects you have to improve in order to reach the level of your teammates, or the level of the community leader, or the users at the 50th or 100th positions in the ranking.
  • It reveals your performance indicators which suffered changes considering two different points or slices of time.

How is it defined?

  • The comparison tool takes one profile and compare it with another profile by viewing all the differences they have.
  • The Performance Indicators used for the comparative analysis are:
    • Best Ranking Position
    • Days with Activity
    • Days on Fire
    • Interruptions
    • Minutes of Total Activity
    • Estimated Minutes of Outstanding Focus


How can I improve my comparison results?

  • Based on the Key Performance Indicators selected, you have to:
    • Work hard to improve your ranking position
    • Have working streaks longer enough to win on fire badges
    • Have working sessions with fewer interruptions
    • Work more minutes a week
    • Have more minutes with a focus level above most users of the community


Do you think we must take into account another performace indicators? Please make your comments, your views are very useful for us.

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