Coding in different time zones

We want to share with you some curious heat-maps. These are just an informal set of conclusions we’ve got after playing with Codealike data for a while.

The heatmaps you’re about to see are based on more than 190.000 hours of activity from 194 software developers across 37 different time zones.

All this data comes from our public version (

Each heat map represents the probability that a typical user in that time zone is coding in that slot of time.

RED = highest probability that the user is coding

GREEN = highest probability that the user is non-coding

Hours are local.

BTW: I’m curious about what happens in Paris at 4pm 😀

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  1. Very interesting. It would be amazing to hear some of your thoughts on why this is. Do you think the differences are mostly cultural – e.g. start the workday early VS later, or spread work over many hours VS spend as little time at work as possible.

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