Press release: Codealike become the first Microsoft’s partner for Visual Studio in Argentina

The Argentine company has taken its relationship with Microsoft to an international level, by joining the Visual Studio Industry Partner Program so as to obtain exclusive access to technology.

Codealike, a company from Corvalius whose aim is to bring productivity solutions to the software industry, announced just today that it is now one of Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partners (VSIP).  Thus, Codealike became the first Argentine Company that joins the program.

The Visual Studio Industry Partner program was created at Microsoft’s main office in Redmond, USA, with the objective of allowing companies to have exclusive access to key technology. At the same time, it encourages companies to get quality standards that agree with the specifications established by Visual Studio, which is now the software development application mostly used by Fortune 1000 enterprises.

Being current software development teams highly collaborative, interruptions are a real problem to programmers, who sometimes waste the time equivalent to a whole month of their work in solving them. Codealike allows developers both to optimize collaboration and to recover from interruptions, thus improving their productivity. The idea is to give developers and managers some tools to administrate their time more efficiently and obtain metrics which have been, up to now, impossible to reach.

Consequently, Codelike becomes into the first Argentine company to join the Alliance and guarantee their users to have high quality products.

Federico Lois, one of Codealike’s founders, said: “By being part of the Visual Studio Industry Partner Program, we are able to make development processes faster because we have easy access to technical specifications and validations directly from the Product Team in Redmond. At the same time, we can guarantee our clients that we offer high quality products and that they will be able to get all future updates carried out by Visual Studio from us”.

Furthermore, Sebastian Fernandez Quezada, another Codealike´s founder highlighted the importance of the agreement by stating: “There are approximately 150 companies around the world forming part of this Program created by Microsoft, including IBM, Borland, Intel and HP. Codealike is not only the first Argentine company to join the program, but also one of the few Latin American ones in doing so.”. Regarding the agreement Tom Lindeman, Director of the Visual Studio Industry Partner Program asserted “We are pleased to have Corvalius join the VSIP Program as the first Argentinian company and bring more depth to the Visual Studio ecosystem with Codealike”.

This agreement is additional to the one performed last January by Codealike and Microsoft in respect to Windows Azure, Microsoft´s cloud computing platform, by means of which the local company was able to start getting strategic technical access and support in Latin America and Redmond through the CSV program.

Codealike is accelerated by Wayra, which is the initiative launched by Grupo Telefónica in 2011.

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