Codealike for Windows Phone by Bogdan Bujdea

Once in a while, you find people that loves and honor their discipline. In my case, that makes me very happy. To find people that loves what he does, is a pleasure itself. That’s the case of Bogdan Bujdea, it happens that he’s also one of our most faithful users, which makes him even more special to our team.

Bogdan just released an unofficial Windows Phone app supporting a nice and useful UI for the Facts public API.

This App allows you to see how you’re doing with your coding activities, on the go, everywhere.










Start using this App

To start using the Windows Phone App:

  1. Go to this URL: or install the app from your device. (Search for “Codealike” in the Windows Phone App Store)
  2. Once installed, the App will ask you for Codealike token.
    1. Sign in to
    2. Go to your Settings at
    3. Look for the API Token at the bottom of that page, as seen below. That’s your token, copy it in your Windows Phone App and voilà!



Want to contribute to this App?

You can contribute to this App by using the Github repo at




Want to create your own App?

If you want to join Bogdan, that’s great and will be very helpful for all our community. Are you an iPhone or Android developer? You can also contribute by creating your own version of the Facts for your preferred device.

Click below to join Codealike’s contributors’ family






Thanks to you all, specially to good ol’ Bogdan 🙂

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