Activity Matrix: It’s not only about time

Since the very first days of Codealike, we’ve always knew that it’s not only about measuring how much time is involved on your everyday tasks. That’s why we’ve also invested a lot of time and effort in measuring concentration and focus. That capability allows Codealike to be an unique tool that helps you better understand how you work and make decisions that impact your performance and achievements.

Measuring Focus has helped us to find and measure the interruptions you suffer every day while coding and understand when and how frequently they happen.

We’ve also been able to relate how web navigation affects focus and that was part of our very first paper on this matter.

Now we’ve released a feature that helps you quickly compare the amount of time coding and the concentration you achieved to understand if the time you invested is really paying off or not.

Based on that, we can tell if you’re Focused, Disperse, Stressed or if you’re over-performing (that’s not always a good thing, though).

The Matrix


The horizontal axis describes the amount of hours coding (or debugging) on the last 8 hours. The vertical axis describes the average level of concentration that you achieved for the same period. We automatically update your position on this matrix by constantly measuring and analyzing your recent activity.

As you can see, you can also quickly see the availability for each teammate according to its pulse icon. Finally, if you click on each avatar, you’ll be able to reach more information and reports for each team member.

How productive am I?

We believe this is an important feature that contributes to others we’ve already released so you can gradually show how that open space office is hurting your performance, or how meetings are affecting your productivity or even how you turn into an overachiever every time you’re coding next to a pool drinking some Daikiris 🙂

Go ahead, use it and give us feedback on this unique piece we make available to all of our beloved users.

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